Trust and Integrity are often cited as the foundational core values of a company.  But do we simply pay lip service to these things?  If your employees, suppliers, partners and customers do not trust you, you will have a hard time with your business. No organisation can work without trust. Every leader needs to imbibe that trust in the heart of each and every single member of the workforce. If the workforce believe in the leader, there will be fewer obstacles and an easier route to success.

According to a recent study published by The Chartered Institute of Management an Events company Top Banana, “There is a trust gap within many of Britain’s companies and institutions – a disturbing disconnect between middle and senior management. The vast majority of all managers believe that it’s vital that employees trust their organisation and that trust is critical to organisational performance –but that is the only hymn sheet from which they sing together.”

The following may at first glance appear to be obvious, but think hard, do you do these things:

1) Make sure you trust yourself. Unless you trust yourself, you can’t take appropriate actions for your business. When you believe in your work, you make sure everybody else does, too. The CMI report stated “While 80% of middle managers believe they are very important in building a trusting workplace culture, only 31% say that they are actually being made to feel very important in this regard”

2) Be transparent and unbiased. Let them see the real you at work. Appreciate people who do there jobs well and be sure to take action against those who under-perform – remember you are being watched. Try to be as balanced as possible. The CMI report stated “Only 37% of middle managers agree that their leadership team is transparent in their decisions and actions

3) Be open to feedback. You to share with others; they want to share with you as well. Let them share what they feel and take their feedback positively.

4) Believe in sharing what you earn. You don’t have to share all of your earnings, but give people what they deserve for working hard. Value each and every member of your team.

5) Take the responsibility of your actions. The moment you start taking the responsibility of what you do, you build trust in the hearts of all the people working for you.

By ensuring trust between employees and top management, the trust of middle management will surely grow.