In a recent interview with The Business Debate, Ben Dowd, O2 Business Director said the following about mobile flexibility and agility:

Businesses keep changing at an alarming rate and it is quite difficult for some businesses especially small businesses to keep up with the speed. This is why O2 has come in not only to provide a service but to also partner with these businesses to enable them achieve mobile flexibility and the needed business agility.

This has become necessary as digital technology has redefined the way businesses are being run. It is either you join to capture and hold on to your market share or lose out completely. The problem is not that businesses are unwilling to join the bandwagon, the problem is that a lot of them think they can’t afford the money, time and understanding to pull it through.

It has now become obvious that internet is now more accessed through mobile devices than PC and laptops. And the wide difference is becoming wider and wider. It is clear that businesses should either embrace mobility and make their websites more mobile-friendly or lose their market share. There are no two ways about it.

Another advantage of mobility is that it comes with so much flexibility that gives customers more convenience. 4G technology is five times faster than 3G technology but the difference is not only on the speed. 4G enabled devices, cloud based software and digital applications all help businesses to be more responsive, efficient and productive. This 4G technology also helps businesses to be more flexible and to also help them work smarter.

Digital technology also provides flexibility in the media through which your customers can reach you. While some businesses are still expecting prospective customers to send mails of enquiry, others are already chatting with theirs through the popular social media.

In the same vein, while some businesses are waiting for phone calls from prospective customers, others have already activated click-to-call technology on their webpages. And agility is very important because the longer it takes businesses to improve or digitalize their services, the more they lose customers.

O2 won’t stop at only providing services, they will also assist partners to digitalize their services because the advantages are numerous and some of them have been listed below.

It helps businesses to manage remote and mobile resources more efficiently. It also reduces operational cost as several manually-done tasks would be digitalized for speed and accuracy. This in turn increases the speed and quality of service delivery.

At the customer end, it improves customers’ experience, boosts convenience and increases speed of service. Overall, it helps to meet and exceed customers’ expectations thereby attracting new customers and also retaining old ones.

The biggest reason businesses must make the paradigm shift is that it gives them competitive advantage over the ones that are yet to embrace digital solutions.