Britain has become a lot more strict in their approach in how they are now going to handle diesel vehicles and the fact that they don’t stick with the new laws. It is a proven fact that diesel vehicles are a huge problem in terms of air pollution. This can result in poor health, and it can continue to grow should people not abide by the regulations. Serious health issues have led to deaths, partly because of the fumes which build up quickly. This also contributes to the costs spent on health every year by the average person as well as the country. Nitrogen dioxide has now become illegal.

A new plan of action was drawn up, since many people were simply ignoring the new rules which were set into place. There will be major areas which are to be free from pollution at all times. These are named, clean air zones. They are targeted towards the bigger cities where there is a lot of pollution.

Fines will be implemented when they are found to be driving in these zones with a diesel engine. It also relates to those drivers who emit fumes because of their driving skills. Faster speeds and habits will cause more pollution as well.

This is also to be monitored. The overall maintenance of vehicles is something that people have to vigilant of because this contributes to the distribution of fumes on the roads as well. For example, a broken exhaust or worn out tires can be a problem.

This movement has been effective in other parts of the world, where they have changed to the more environmentally vehicles which are less hazardous. There is a way in which diesel cars are tracked, and this makes it simpler to reduce the damage caused that contributes to air pollution.

Drivers in France had implemented a plan a couple of years ago to get rid of their car and trade this in for an electric car. This was sold for scrap, and they benefited from the sale. There are plans to implement this in Britain as well since it has been so successful in France.

Diesel is extremely bad for the environment, mainly because of the nitrogen dioxide that is released. It can lead to health complications, such as asthma, which is particularly difficult for children to handle.

More and more kids are developing breathing problems as a result of the air pollution, especially in the bigger cities. In older people, a sore throat and eyes is common to develop in these types of conditions as well. It can be difficult to work in places like London, and often people have to take time off work because of a health issue that they have to deal with.