Since late 19th century when the first functional electric cars were produced, there has been a dramatic improvement in the field of development of electric cars. Car manufacturers are also investing heavily on electric cars due to the need to curb CO2 and reduce the greenhouse effect.

In 2017 electric cars to watch out for include: 2017 BMW i3, 2017 Tesla Model 3, 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, 2017 Hyundai IONIQ, 2017 Ford Focus Electric.

2017 BMW i3

A hatchback, electric rear-wheel car with 170hp, the 2017 BMW i3 comes in mineral grey, fluid black and blue colours. The motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 33kWh capacity which can be charged in 17 hours with a standard 120 volt outlet. When fully charged the battery can last for about 180km. This car accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 7.2seconds. It has a low running cost and easy to drive but with a small boot and expensive to buy. It’s a four-seater with a beautiful interior design and a back door that hinged from the rear and not from the front.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

It’s a small wagon that gives about 383km when the 60kWh battery is fully charged. A 5-seater and a front-wheeled drive, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV has a lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged within 10 hours using a 120 volt outlet with additional option of a DC fast charging. This car accelerates from 0-100km within 7seconds. Has a roomy interior with a responsive dynamics but somewhat cheap cabin materials.

2017 Hyundai IONIQ

This also comes in hatchback with the option of different powertrains to satisfy different users. It comes as electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid. It has a four seat interior that is not as roomy as compared to its contemporaries. However it’s the most energy efficient car as declared by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The 120hp motor will ensure acceleration from 0-100km/h within 10 seconds with a speed of approximately 160km/h. The 28kWh polymer battery gives about 170km when fully charged and has an option of fast charging using a DC source. The running cost is low, and it’s fun to drive but expensive.

 2017 Ford Focus Electric

This is a five passenger vehicle that has a 107kWh electric motor and a 33.5kWh battery with up to 185km when fully charged. Its battery can be charged with a either a 120 volt or 240 volt charger with additional option of a DC fast charging. The 2017 Ford Focus Electric is the1st completely electric car made by Ford. It’s very quiet and cheap to run however it is expensive to buy and the extra weight makes handling poor and provides a small boot space. Has a pleasant interior with adjustable steering wheel, quality dashboard and leather seats.

2017 Tesla Model 3

Highly roomy due to its curved glass and has an entirely touchscreen-based control. This car accelerates from 0-100km/h within 6 seconds and can give up to 345km when fully charged. Has a glass roof that improves the rear seat head room.