Just barely 2 weeks after her dream performance turned into a horrendous event, POP princess Ariana Grande was bold enough to make a defiant return back on stage in Manchester. Singing her songs – “Be Alright” and “Breakfree” – Halfway through the concert, the singer appeared on stage in a One Love Manchester jumper.

Seeing pink streamers flooding the crowd and hearing their cheering ringing through Manchester, brave Ariana could hardly hide her emotions. Grande has obviously come to make an emotional return to Manchester. Her eyes were filled with tears during the heart-rending performance and most of the crowd members who were heard preaching the influential lyrics of the song were also seen crying. No doubt, this favourite moment presented a touching tribute.

The Epic hit “Where Is the Love” also made the crowd go emotional. The fitting single which portrays issues surrounding discrimination and terrorism was performed by Ariana Grande as a duet with the famous US band The Black Eyed Peas. This song which was written by the group drew inspiration from the September 11 bombings. Just before performing epic hit with the Black Eyed Peas, Grande hit the stage to present a duet song “Better Days” with US singer Victoria Money.

Alongside Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher also made a surprise entrance at the benefit concert. Shortly after Coldplay and Ariana Grande had teased that something very special has been organised for the concert, the former Oasis frontman came on stage to the huge surprise and rousing welcome from the crowd. Much to the delight of Mancunians in the crowd, Gallagher desiccated the song “Live Forever” to those who were killed and maimed in the terror attack.

To crown up the memorable evening, the highly emotional tune was sung in an unreal moment when he was joined on stage by Chris Martin from Coldplay. In the wake of the terror attack that claimed the lives of 22 people on May 22, the song has since been an anthem of defiance. Liam also performs “Wall of Glass” and “Rock n Roll.”

While performing the emotive tune “Fix You” Coldplay also shared a touching moment with fans. As colourful confetti shot through the air, the special performance grew more emotional when lead singer Chris Martin went down on his knees and looked to the sky with welling tear in his eyes. Alongside Grande, the British rock band also cheered the crowd with one of their favourite songs “Don’t Look Back in Anger” before finishing their set with upbeat tracks “Something Just Like This” and “Viva LA Vida.”

As Grande sang her song “One Last Time,” all the artists were seen singing along with her on stage. In tears, 23-year old expressed her love for the city and the people of Manchester and ended the evening with an heart-rending performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”