Top 4 mistakes to avoid when preparing for winter

With the UK climate now increasingly unpredictable, it is imperative that businesses up and down the country prepare for every scenario in winter. Unfortunately, several firms feel as though services like gritting and snow clearance can be carried out on a reactive basis, even though this approach usually ends up being too little, too late.

In light of this, industry experts De-Ice have come up with a top 4 list of mistakes to avoid when preparing for winter.

  1. No winter maintenance plan

The most effective way of preparing for winter is to have a plan of action in place. Not only does this ensure your business can continue operating in even the harshest of climatic conditions, it also demonstrates a duty of care to staff, customers, and visitors.

  1. A poor winter maintenance plan

Even if you have some sort of plan, it might not be good enough to see you through the winter. Therefore, you should prepare as far in advance as possible, develop appropriate maintenance processes, review existing policies, carry out site surveys, and revisit any risk assessments.

  1. Managing winter maintenance in-house

Don’t be fooled into thinking that its cheaper to manage winter policies and processes in-house. When you consider costs such as vehicles, equipment, fuel, insurance, salt, staff, training, technology, and weather forecasting, it becomes apparent that outsourcing your requirements for winter makes much more sense.

  1. Choosing a substandard winter maintenance provider

While outsourcing your wintertime requirements is the correct call, you will still need to choose an experienced and adept company to perform gritting and snow clearance services. Otherwise, your business could suffer from a damaged reputation and diminished revenue.

This last point is particularly pertinent when you consider a previous high profile personal injury case. After a former prison officer slipped on ice and hurt himself, the claim and judgement went against the Ministry of Justice, as it was responsible for employing and managing the gritting company. As a result, a fine of nearly half a million pounds was issued.

So, to avoid this worst case scenario, you should always employ the services of a well-established and well-respected gritting and snow clearance company, such as De-Ice. With over 17 years’ experience in providing winter maintenance solutions, De-Ice recognises and understands how to keep businesses open all year round. For more help or information about its range of services, contact De-Ice today.