How people approach their health nowadays is distinctly different from how they did in the not-too-distant past.  Consumers are demanding food and beverages that are natural, fresh, and unprocessed. With the continued growth of digestive problems, allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities of many food ingredients consumers are looking for products that simply make them feel better. We will not consider this trend of health and well-being in isolation but in the context of a much broader movement toward better nutrition and social responsibility.

Let’s look at some of the new trends in the field of health and wellness in 2017

Positive thinking: the desire to live a healthy life leads many to think positively in life. They find a way to look good and take care of themselves.

Super Foods: Super foods become part of the regular daily diet. Two years ago, quinoa, flax seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and kale were considered exotic and difficult to find in supermarkets. Nowadays, however, these super foods have become the main product of many and are part of much regular daily diet.

Wellness Retreats: Since people are accustomed to a healthy lifestyle, their habits are also changing. They think about how to go to rehab centre, meditation and yoga tours in the mountains or take some health and wellness centres, which are built in nature for detoxification. People fly in a week to be in full comfort with oneself and soak up the good aspects of life and to make discipline in their lives. However, it has to do with a person is able to maintain this way of life when he/she leaves the retreat and returned to his normal and everyday life.

Healthy Cocktails and shots: For all those healthy conscious people who simply love their alcohol when they participate in a public gathering, are now opting for cocktails and shots of healthier natural juices and drink more responsibly.

Sitting as a very bad habit: If smoking was not strong enough to kill, here is another deadly habit that can kill “sitting”. It is known to increased belly fat which in turn, is a recipe for disaster, because it directly affects the heart. Therefore, it was found that 10,000 steps on a daily basis have been shown to be effective, and doctors also believe that it should be a daily norm.

Health and wellness continue to outperform packaged food and non-alcoholic beverages in the direction of a more natural suggestion through free, organic and naturally healthy foods and drinks, previously analysed, as well as increasing awareness about proper nutrition as a Key part of a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you are not on the path of health, this is your chance to walk this path. Keep an eye on these trends and take what you think best suits you and always stay positive and happy.