Renovation Mistakes which Devalue your Properties

Successfully reconstructing and selling houses requires money, time, patience and skill. The potential for pitfalls is high. Perceptions from sales and marketing experts and property developers such as Richard Butler Creagh highlight these major mistakes to avoid.

Building to your own personal taste

Only a few of us can rely on their own personal taste to add value to a property. Successful sales often centre on how well you tailor your items to your buyer’s needs and wants. Richard Butler Creagh of Henley Finance recommends creating a more detailed profile of your target buyers to guide you on your renovation decisions. Will you be renovating for a family or a single person? If your targets are families, to boost your property’s appeal, you would want to create buggy space near the front door and an internal layout that will maximize family living. Use online property websites to help you build and create a picture of your target buyer and an idea of the planned finish and specs for properties in your price range.

Choosing for open-plans instead of a new trend

Open plan kitchens have all been the hype for years. A kitchen trends research study revealed that almost half of UK property owners will spend thousands on a dream kitchen and for most, it is an open plan design. But there are benefits and disadvantages to consider when it comes to open and closed plan living. Open plan living may be more preferred by young professionals or young couples with young children but it can spread chaos, noise and limit peace and quiet for large families. Open-plan does not improve their value and of course, the trends change. Just last year, a new trend was hailed and is called “broken-plan living”. Many consider broken-plan living a way to balance the clean, cosy and dynamic.

Losing bedrooms to gain a gorgeous suite.

Losing bedrooms or large spaces to build a suite can be a very bad idea. Statistics suggest that it makes more sense to lose out on a walk-in wardrobe in favour of more bedrooms. Adding extra bedrooms can add more value to your home especially if it is a loft version. Professional property developer Richard Butler Creagh advises clients to reconsider the idea of losing bedrooms. You don’t want to end up with a two-bedroom loft especially when buyers think of value In terms of bedroom count.