Convenience is what makes online banking a very much preferred option for a lot of people these days. However, it does also come with some risks. Just like how there are incidents of people who have experienced card cloning or those that got robbed withdrawing cash at ATMs, it is important to remember that online accounts are also exposed to certain levels of vulnerability.

If you happen to bank online, below are some steps that you can do that will help minimise your risks and ensure that your finances are better secured.

Choose accounts offering two-factor authentication

Find a bank that offers not only a single authenticating process, but at least a two-factor one. Many banks these days now offer a device that will generate a unique code every time you will log in. This code is only going to be valid for a very short time so, along with your login credentials, it will help make the banking transaction more secure.

Use a strong password

If you are required to choose a password in order to access your online accounts, make sure to select one that is strong and is quite hard to decipher. A mix of both lower and upper case letters along with special characters and number is a good idea. Avoid using common phrases and words and never create passwords that contain your birth date, initials, or your name. It does not hurt to get your password changed every few months.

Keep your computer secure and updated

Invest in security software. It does not matter what you use your computer for. Make sure that it is kept updated at all times. Turn your firewall on too and make sure your antivirus software is running for better protection from keyloggers, Trojans, and other forms of malware that can be used to access your personal financial data.

Do not click on suspicious emails

Financial institutions will not send you emails just so you can provide them with your login details. Always be wary of emails that seem to come from your bank that asks for your personal detail. More often than not, it is a phishing attempt to trick you towards getting your credentials handed over to unscrupulous individuals.

When you have to access your bank account online, make sure to get the address directly typed into the browser. Also, be wary of unsolicited phone calls that seem to be from your bank. Never ever give out your PIN over the phone.

Access your account from locations you can trust

It is always safer to access your bank account in computers or networks that you know you can trust. In the event that you may need to access it from a remote location, the use of a virtual private network or a VPN is highly advised.

Also, make it a point to log out of your account the moment you are done.

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