Facebook believes the personal information of over 87 million users were not properly shared with Cambridge Analytica. The BBC was informed that over 1 million of those users are based in the UK. Previously, the whistleblower Christopher Wylie quoted that the overall figure is about 50 million.

The chief of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg stated that they should have done more, and they will do more as they go further. During a press conference, Mark said that he had assumed that if Facebook had provided a tool for its users, it was basically the responsibility of the users to decide on how they want to use the tool. But he admitted that it wasn’t right to have had such a view.

Mark Zuckerberg said “based on what we know today, I think we need to have a wider view of our responsibility. He further said that they are not just creating tools, but they need to take absolute responsibility for whatever outcome the tools yield based on how the tools were used.

Mark also announced that a new problem had also been uncovered by an internal audit. The feature that enables users to search for people using phone numbers and email addresses had been abused by malicious actors. As a result of this, the public profile information of a lot of people had been matched and scraped with contact details gotten from a different source. This feature has been blocked by Facebook.

New numbers

The chief technology officer of the tech firm – Mike Schroepfer revealed the estimates of the data of people that had been exposed. He revealed the estimates in a blog. It has also come to the notice of BBC that Facebook estimates that approximately 305,000 people have installed the “This Is Your Digital Life” quiz which has made the harvesting of data pretty much possible.

About 97 percent of those installations took place within the United States. Nevertheless, just about 16,000,000 of the people affected are from other countries. A spokeswoman for the Office of the Information Commissioner in the UK informed the BBC that before they will decide on what action to take, they will continue to assess and consider the evidence.

What the controversy is all about

Facebook has faced serious criticism after it came to the notice of the public that they have been aware (for some years now) that Cambridge Analytica had taken some information from its users. Cambridge Analytica claimed they bought the data from the developer of “This Is Your Digital Life” application, and they had no idea that the data was not obtained properly. They claimed they deleted all the data immediately they knew the data was not obtained properly. But there is still a report that some of the data is still in circulation.