Author: Cathy Parker

What is Customer Engagement?

The relationship between a company and a customer begins on encounter through first purchase or signup. The customer has done their part, and the ball is thrown to the business’ court. It is the responsibility of a company to build, nurture, and manage customer relationship in what constitutes customer engagement. A business strategy would be of great importance to accomplish this move. Longstanding customer relationships and the long term business achievements go hand in hand. The ultimate aim of customer engagement is to maximize on the present customers. Businesses spend time and resources to mobilize customers. When the customer...

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Diesel Vehicle Pollution

Britain has become a lot more strict in their approach in how they are now going to handle diesel vehicles and the fact that they don’t stick with the new laws. It is a proven fact that diesel vehicles are a huge problem in terms of air pollution. This can result in poor health, and it can continue to grow should people not abide by the regulations. Serious health issues have led to deaths, partly because of the fumes which build up quickly. This also contributes to the costs spent on health every year by the average person as...

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Lifetracker – What makes it different?

Technology is advancing faster than you’ve thought. Each day, the world sees a new technique that brings more peace and comfort in life. From smartphones to tablet PCs, most things we see today were science fiction in the past. However, with such advancements, also come some disadvantages? People are increasingly becoming entangled in their own lives. It is difficult to manage time, socialize and meet friends and family. In fact, we seem to have little time for ourselves let alone for others.  It becomes vital to have something that makes you feel human. This is where the Lifetracker application comes in....

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Smart Watch Sales Decline

According to the latest market analysis from IDC, smart watch sales are currently in a state of massive decline, experiencing a 51.6 drop percent from last year. While the Apple Watch remains at the head of the class, its sales have also been severely hit. The Apple Watch shipped just over one million units during 2016’s third quarter and even though this number seems impressive on paper, it pales in comparison to the number of units shipped during 2015, as the Apple Watch shipped nearly 4 million units during the same time period. Out of the five leading smart...

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The Sixth Extinction

The Sixth Extinction – Plant and animal species—as well as fungi, microbes and bacteria—are disappearing at a staggering rate, unprecedented in the planet’s history. Each year, 27,000 species are lost forever. That’s three every hour. Every year, we also destroy 10 million hectares of rainforest (in Borneo, Amazonia and Africa) in order to make way for oil palms and fields of soy. The mangrove forests and coral barriers, home to numerous species and offering vital protection to the coasts, have already been reduced by 35% and 20% respectively. In 2007, honey bees, which pollinate many of the vegetables we...

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