Author: Georgina Tempest

Online Banking: Staying Safe

Convenience is what makes online banking a very much preferred option for a lot of people these days. However, it does also come with some risks. Just like how there are incidents of people who have experienced card cloning or those that got robbed withdrawing cash at ATMs, it is important to remember that online accounts are also exposed to certain levels of vulnerability. If you happen to bank online, below are some steps that you can do that will help minimise your risks and ensure that your finances are better secured. Choose accounts offering two-factor authentication Find a...

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The Top 5 Social Media Trends

Social media continues to be one of the most popular gathering places, as there are no shortage of trending topics for users to discuss. Whether you wish to use social media as a way to discuss sports, politics or movies, you will have several options to speak with the global population. There are now well over 2 billion people using social media and this is not a number that is slated to go down anytime soon. Facebook and YouTube now have nearly 1.8 billion users and 1.3 billion users, respectively. Let’s take a closer look at some of the...

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Flexibility and Agility with Mobile

In a recent interview with The Business Debate, Ben Dowd, O2 Business Director said the following about mobile flexibility and agility: Businesses keep changing at an alarming rate and it is quite difficult for some businesses especially small businesses to keep up with the speed. This is why O2 has come in not only to provide a service but to also partner with these businesses to enable them achieve mobile flexibility and the needed business agility. This has become necessary as digital technology has redefined the way businesses are being run. It is either you join to capture and...

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Gina Miller – Brexit Legal case

Gina Miller, investment manager and philanthropist has become a thorn in the side of Theresa May since launching Bexit the legal case. The case, that forces May to take any decision on Article 50 to parliament before it is triggered, has been ruled as valid by three high court judges.  The government has already announced plans to fight the verdict in the Supreme Court, which will rule in January, but have acknowledged an eventual defeat will be a serious setback to leaving the European Union. Miller is the co-founder of Miller Philanthropy, which she launched with her husband Alan. The...

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£2.1 Billion in Cyber-Attacks

According to a study conducted by the price comparison site, one in ten consumers are victims of cybercrime. The report covers a wide range of internet security offenses, including credit card, bank fraud, hacking, online shopping as well as romance frauds. In 62% of cases money was removed successfully from the account, with an average of £475 being taken. Throughout the UK, this is adds up to just over £2.1 billion being taken in the past twelve months.  As well as an astounding 4.5 million from credit cards that were canceled. According to Jody Baker, the head at...

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