Author: Jennifer O'Ryan

Moira Stuart – Leaders in Industry

Born Moira Clare Ruby Stuart on September 2, 1949, she was the first female African-Caribbean presenter to appear on British TV. Although Stuart is not strictly speaking a leader, she has certainly led the way over her remarkable career. Over the course of a television career that spans over 30 years, she has presented countless BBC radio and television news. She is currently BBC Radio 2’s presenter on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. Born to Dominican-Barbadian parents, Stuart attended Our Lady’s Covent High School in London until the age of 13 before moving with her family to Bermuda. At...

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Clarity on Brexit from Theresa May

UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May promised to push for the “freest possible trade” with European countries as part of the forthcoming Brexit. She also warned the EU that to try to “punish” the UK would be “an act of calamitous self-harm”.  She stated quite firmly “But I want to be clear: what I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market.” It was  not a surprise that  Parliament will vote on the final agreement. Labour warned of “enormous dangers” in the prime minister’s plans. Theresa  May used her much-anticipated speech to announce her priorities for Brexit negotiations, including maintaining the common...

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iPhone is 10 Years’ Old

Ten years ago, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs introduced the iconic touchscreen minicomputer that encompassed a digital music player, web browsing, email, and maps. The first iPhone had four to eight gigabytes of storage, and at that time, it didn’t have an App Store. Apple was valued at $75 billion. To state that Apple’s co-founder, who passed away in 2011, piloted a new era of development would be an underestimation of the brand’s dominant decade. The company has sold about $650 billion worth of phones, with well over half purchased within these past three years. During fiscal 2016,...

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Selfie Payments From Mastercard

Mastercard is adding a new feature to online payments in the form of facial recognition and fingerprint verification. It has been revealed that shoppers would be able to pay for their online purchases using pictures of themselves (selfies), and fingerprint scanners instead of passwords. By the use of this biometrics, all cardholders will have to verify their identity whenever they are making online purchases, either with selfies or fingerprints. The MasterCard identity app For this purpose, a MasterCard Identity Check app has been created. The MasterCard’s Identity Check app also supports fingerprint biometrics, offering app users a choice of...

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British Pound Hits All-Time Low

The British Pound (GBP) saw a record drop in value in a single day and for the year on October 8, 2016. The Pound lost 4.5 percent in value relative to the Euro and 6.74 percent versus the United States dollar by the close of trading in Britain. Investors should be aware that some of the loss was due to the flow of money for payrolls in the United States and the delay in time that economic reporting has between the end of trading in Britain and the beginning of the trading day in the United States. Banks, investment groups,...

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