Author: Kayung Tong

The UK’s Attitude To Innovation

It is already been observed how public debate and policymaking in several fields such as science have been making significant impact. Thanks to the regular survey which has helped to keep them informed to a large extent. But when it comes to talking about people’s interest on innovation or government policy on innovation, only very little can be said because not much research has been carried out on the public opinions on innovation both in the UK and in other parts of the world. To this end, Nesta thought it needful to perform an extensive research on the attitudes...

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Feather your nest

Around 2000 tonnes of feather waste is produced every week by the poultry industry. Most ends up as land fill or goes through an energy intensive process to be turned into animal feed. The industry pays £63 per tonne to dispose of feather waste and is looking for more commercial and environmental friendly alternatives. Enter Imperial College’s Professor Chris Cheeseman who tasked his students to research into potential uses for feather waste. Design engineering student Elena Dieckmann threw herself into the project by ordering a 10 kg box of feathers with no idea what to do with them. In...

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Lessons to learn from the DVLA

As of October 2014, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) told drivers that they no longer need a physical tax disc displayed in their car. One year on, the amount of un-taxed cars on the roads has more than doubled. A total of 560,000 cars were estimated to be driving without tax this year, compared to 210,000 in 2013. That is an increase of 0.8% of all the cars in Britain, from 0.6% up to 1.4%. The decision to scrap the physical tax discs, after being in use for almost one hundred years, was an attempt to lessen...

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