Author: Tamsin Shivenhurst

Social Media as a News Source

In a recent YouGov online survey on social media as a news source covering around 70,000 people across 36 countries, it was found out that over 54 percent of the respondents use social media as a news source. While 24 percent of them feel social media has the ability to separate real news from falsehood, 40 percent of the respondents think the social media are already filtering the news. In the UK, those that have faith in news media are more than two times those that have confidence in social media. The figures are about 41 percent to 18...

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Grow Your Startup

Starting up a business can be tough at the beginning. It takes sacrifice, endurance, and patience to keep on moving. Many people see capital as a challenging factor in starting a business, but that is not the number one difficult hurdle. Entrepreneurs know what it takes to start up a business. They know you can’t just wake up one morning and decide to start a business. Starting a business can be very cumbersome. Sometimes growing a business could even be more difficult. Not being aware of the methods that can be used to boost your sales and make your...

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Storms Ahead – Trump’s Speech

President Donald Trump made a populist inaugural address that was remarkable for its fire and bleakness. The 45th American President promised a better future to the commoners. He stated that the transfer of power is from Washington D.C to the people and not from a party to another or an administration to another. Trump described the United States as a declining nation with words that did not depict the actual condition of the country. He stated that the nation is crime-ridden and declared to bring the “American carnage” to an end. Whereas, the nation’s violent crime rate in 1991...

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The Business Debate

2017 is set to be one of the most interesting and perhaps controversial years in recent times. In 2016 we have seen political division in the United States and a foundational political crisis for Europe. Russia continues with its expansionist ambitions and China is more powerful than ever but with a fragile domestic economy. At the same time, key innovations in Technology, Healthcare and Finance have brought a whole set of opportunities to our societies and businesses worldwide. During 2017, Global Business leaders will continue to take a more vocal and active stake in discussing how their organizations can make a positive impact for economies and Societies around the world. What active role will businesses play in this equation? How will companies contribute to the debate of our societies and economies around the world? Interviewing CEO’s, Company Directors and Industry leaders, The Business Debate, provides organizations with a platform to openly discuss the future of business and our societies. In partnership with global platforms such as The Wall Street Journal, The Times and Handelsblatt, we help give a voice to businesses that will come to shape the world of tomorrow We are now proud to present our Partnerships and Filming Schedule for 2017 (see trailer above). If you’d like to find out how you can get involved in our Filming Schedule in 2017, please contact our Head of Programming,...

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The Serial Returner

UK businesses are experienced an unexpected plague that threatens to impede their economic growth, a plague that comes in the form of what is known as the “serial returner”. There are a wide range of online shoppers who have zero qualms about taking advantage of free return policies and UK stores have become overrun with consumers who are unaware of the cumulative effect that their buying habits are having on the economy. According to a recent report by Barclaycard, The Emergence of Serial Returners, at least 60 percent of UK retailers are claiming to have been adversely by this newfound...

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